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Feline Dental Surgical Consent Form

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Your pet’s surgery requires the use of a general anesthetic. We will do everything to ensure a safe and speedy recovery, including a complete physical exam, safe anesthetic tailored to your pet’s special needs, as well as, monitoring equipment, which will be in place during the entire time of anesthesia. We must inform you that there is a minor risk in pets undergoing anesthesia just as there is in people. These risks include an underlying condition not detectable by physical exam or an allergic reaction to the anesthetic agents. Although the risks are minor, we feel that we must inform you of these.


I state that I have read the preceding paragraphs and understand that there is a small risk with any procedure requiring general anesthetic. I also state that if there were any unforeseen complications from using anesthetic with my pet, I will not hold Mancelona Veterinary Hospital or any of its agents at fault.

Tooth Extraction(s): (Cost per tooth: $25-$90 depending on severity of disease progression.) Certain disease processes are progressive and it is our intent to minimize pain, therefore tooth extractions will be performed if the surgical doctor deems it necessary at the time of your pet’s dental procedure.

Signature is consenting to the procedure above

IV Fluids (Cost: $70)

IV Fluids are recommended for all pets, however, they are required for those pets 7 years of age and older.

  • Helps replace electrolytes
  • If an emergency occurs, drugs can be administered immediately
  • Helps maintain proper blood pressure
  • Helps speed up recovery
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Pre- Anesthetic Testing Consent

Before placing your pet under anesthesia, a complete physical exam is performed to identify any existing medical conditions that could complicate the procedure and compromise the health of your pet. Like you, our greatest concern is the well being of your pet.


Because there is always the possibility that a physical exam alone will not identify all of your pet’s health problems, we strongly recommend that a pre-anesthetic profile be performed prior to anesthesia. It is important to understand that a pre-anesthetic profile does not guarantee the absence of anesthetic complications. It may, however, greatly reduce the risk of complications as well as identify medical conditions that could require medical treatment in the future. This also serves as a good way to know what is normal for your pet in case he/she gets sick in the future. We are also able to identify potential problems that your pet may have in the future.


The blood tests we will be running will check for abnormalities in:

BUN/CREA (Kidneys) - Glucose (Blood Sugar) - Electrolytes - ALT/ALKPHOS (Liver) - TP (Total Protein) - CBC (anemia and infection)

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Pain Management Consent

Every surgical procedure creates some level of pain or discomfort for our pets. Huge advances have been made in veterinary medicine to create safer, more effective analgesia than what was on the market before.

We would apply a single application topically that will gradually release over the next 4 days to provide your pet with optimal pain relief. Common side effects that can be seen are drowsiness, sleepiness, and dilated pupils. Cost: $42

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